Designed as a Library

Designed as a set of unopiniated reusable building blocks that each solve specific problems, but can be used together in any way you want.

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Storage Agnostic

Supports NEventStore, RavenDB and NHibernate through auxiliary packages, but is designed to be connected to any kind of storage.

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Promotes Autonomy

Promotes the idea of autonomous projectors that decide what data to project, where to persist that data, and when to rebuild.

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Captures Years of Experience

Is the culmination of years of experience with building distributed and occassionly-disconnected Event Sourced systems

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Battle Tested in Production

We’ve been running and improving Liquid Projections since December 2016 in globally deployed enterprise-class systems.

Designed for Extensibility

Because the underlying design relies on abstractions and avoids inheritance, it’s relatively easy to reuse, extend and adopt.